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Welcome to Manor House School

Tracey Fantham BA (Hons) MA NPQH has a teaching background in Physical Education and Psychology and has worked on leadership teams of successful schools in Surrey, both as Assistant / Deputy Headteacher and Headteacher, developing teaching and learning and quality pastoral care.   Ms Fantham has worked as part of an Apple global community of education leaders who share expertise on integrating technology into learning environments with other educators and policy makers.

Ms Fantham has a passion for sport, championing participation and sporting excellence. To this end she is also a Youth Sport Trust Headteacher Ambassador.

Life at Manor House School

As we look forward to celebrating our 100-year anniversary in 2020, life at Manor House School continues to be vibrant and creative on a day to day basis. School productions, music concerts and individual performances illustrate the breadth and depths of pupils’ creativity. Drama, Art and Music continue to play a major part in the life of the school promoting creative expression and positive self-esteem.

Academically, we have again surpassed expectations in our GCSE results and we continue to track, monitor and support all girls in their quest for academic excellence.

The special and enduring ethos that we feel on a day to day basis is important to us. Whilst each section of the school has grown in the last two years, we continue to reinforce and instil the values and qualities that enable our girls to develop into confident, happy and well-rounded individuals.

Our new uniform has been a successful change and our smartly dressed sports teams continue to make their mark enjoying a range of success across many different activities.

We are very proud of our beautiful environment and aim to provide the best facilities that we can, creating an inspiring teaching and learning environment for our pupils and staff. Improving facilities for sport and the creative arts remains a priority.

‘To love is to live’ was chosen as the school motto in 1921 by the Bishop of Plymouth. Today, we wish our pupils to ‘love learning’; to be engaged and curious learners who enjoy the opportunities offered. We encourage our pupils to ‘love each other’; to be members of our community who demonstrate kindness, respect, celebrate diversity and develop leadership skills. Finally, to ‘love themselves ‘; pupils who develop positive self-esteem, confidence and responsibility.

14th November 2018

'Germany's Famous Past' by Emma and Freya - GCSE History and German students

Year GCSE History and German students participated in an incredible four-day history trip to Berlin to learn more about some

14th November 2018

Year 8 Classics Trip to the British Museum

As part of their Classical Civilisation studies Year girls visited the British Museum to help with their studying of festivals

9th November 2018

Year 7 Cross Country Winning Team

Manor House School's senior Year cross country team won a three kilometre 'Middle School' race last Saturday organised by ACS

8th November 2018

Manor House School Lays 300 Wooden Crosses in Honour of Remembrance Day

Pupils at Manor House School in Bookham laid individual wooden crosses on the edge of the front lawn facing the
The large, light filled art room at Manor House School provides an exciting environment for our girls to develop and explore their artistic potential.
Drama at Manor House School is seen as a valuable tool for increasing self-confidence and communication skills, as well as enabling girls to enjoy the sheer thrill and professionalism of being involved in one of our major school productions or drama evenings.
At Manor House School we want all girls to enjoy music. Girls up to Year 9 receive weekly music lessons and then girls can opt to take GCSE in Years 10 and 11. Teaching schemes have been designed in line...