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The Senior Department is for girls from the age of 11 (Year 7) to 16 (Year 11) and culminates with the taking of GCSE examinations.

Manor House School was one of the first schools in the local area to integrate iPads into the senior school curriculum.  We now have every student in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 either owning or having access to an iPad in every lesson.

Our girls are educated for the future. We believe that it is vital for pupils to be able to use technology wisely and effectively. By using equipment that they enjoy outside of the school environment, we develop the skills that will allow them to adapt in a rapidly changing technological world and be one step ahead of the competition in their future careers. We use the iPads to enhance their research and digital skills within the classroom and not to replace traditional learning.  This allows the girls to be taught how to responsibly use the technology and the importance of having good internet filters and controls in place to keep them safe.  We have  put together a short guide called ‘App Control and Parental Controls for Seniors’ outlining how your daughter can safely enjoy the range of Apps on offer through iTunes whilst you retain parental controls over what she is downloading.

For further information on our teaching and learning and enrichment programmes, read about our Senior Curriculum.

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