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Drum role please!
And the Prep Production is...Shrek!
Shrieks of joy from the Prep pupils when Mrs Williams announced the Summer Prep Production.
#creativeandcollaborative #drama #surreyprepschool

It is always lovely to see our younger pupils putting their hands up in a Prep Assembly to answer a question.
Manor House School drives such inner confidence.
We want pupils to be happy, believe in their abilities and achieve their very best.
Join us for our next Open Morning on ...Wednesday 13 March at 9.30 am.
Register via the link in our bio.
#toloveistolive #confidence #surreyprepschool

Mrs Williams will be running two of her popular Art workshops over the Easter holiday on Tuesday 26 March and Thursday 4 April.
You'll find details on how to book in last weeks newsletter.
Or email twilliams@manorhouseschool.org
#artworkshop #surreyschools #bookham

Year 5 have written their own Greek myths as part of their ongoing English/Humanities work so in Art they are designing Greek pots with a space for an illustration from their myth, just as the ancient Greeks did back in the day!
#crosscurricular #aloveoflearning #surreyprepschools

Year 3 were Romans for the day yesterday at Fishbourne Roman Palace.
#aloveoflearning #surreyprepschools #surreyschools

Year 7 were investigating the effect on current and potential difference when there are different resistances within the same circuit. They conducted an experiment by changing the variable resistor (rheostat), measuring current and potential difference, taking readings at different intervals. They ...will be using the data collected to graph their results and discover the relationship between the three.
#physics #aloveoflearning #surreyseniorschools

Today’s Lunchtime Woodwind and Brass Recital featured soloists on flute, clarinet, saxophone and trombone, and a finale performance of songs from ‘Oliver!’ by the Woodwind Ensemble. Well done to all performers for embracing both #individualchallenge and #creativeandcollaborative in their ...playing today.

The Year 4, 5 and 6 entries for The Rotary Club Young Writer Competition were celebrated in our Prep Assembly this week.
Some girls read aloud their wonderful work on the theme of 'Rebuilding'.
We reflected on the rebuilding of friendships, trust, the environment and countries ...going through war and natural disasters.
#writingcompetition #academicexcellence #surreyprepschools

A wonderful day for all our Year 10 pupils from Cranmore, Manor House School and St Teresa’s to experience A Day in the life of a Sixth Form Student.
A-Level seminar style classes enabled lively class discussions and Co-Curricular opportunities. What a wonderful buzz was felt around the ...campus with so many pupils experiencing the day and all the array of A level courses on offer #sixthform #surreyschools #surrey

Congratulations to Year 7 who took the Gold medal in their group at a Netball tournament we recently hosted, against 5 other schools. A solid performance as a team.
#happyandhealthy #sport #surreyseniorschools

In an assembly last week, Mrs Smith helped us to celebrate Neurodiversity!
he explained that at least 15% of the UK population (and likely more) are neurodivergent. This includes ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Tourette's, OCD and more! She helped us understand these 'hidden' ...challenges through the use of animals and has helped us to be more inclusive and respectful of our own and others' neurodiversity. Neurodiversity Celebration Week is the 18th to the 24th of March.
#toloveistolive #surreyschools #Bookham

Year 6 have enjoyed finding out about life as a WW2 Home Guard and ARP Warden.
#schooltrip #aloveoflearning #surreyprepschool

Open Morning

Wednesday 13 March

9.30 am to 12.30 pm

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We hold three whole School Open Mornings every year to showcase our Nursery, Kindergarten, Prep and Senior Schools;

in the Autumn Term in October, in the Spring Term in March and in the Summer Term in May or June.