Upper Prep

Upper Prep


There is a general emphasis on developing greater independence in the first year of Key Stage 2 at Manor House. The majority of lessons are taught by the class teacher, with specialist teaching in Music, Drama, PE and French. In Science, the girls cover topics such as rocks and soils, forces and magnets, food and our bodies, and light. They also get the opportunity to grow their own plants and harvest them.

In Humanities, they study invaders and settlers, with a special focus on Celts and Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. The girls also investigate weather and climate across Europe, the Americas and the UK and explore the world’s tropical rain forests.

Class outings take place at least once per term throughout the year. Girls visit Fishbourne Roman Palace to gain an insight into life in Roman times, as well as the British Museum, to see the amazing artefacts related to this period in history.

The residential trip to Juniper Hall in May helps to extend the girls’ learning in Humanities and Science. This is a memorable visit as it is the pupils’ first experience of a residential trip and they get to spend one night away from home.


In Year 4 at Manor House School our girls have a busy time working hard and thinking for themselves. We love to be creative and collaborative!

English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Art and PSHRSE are studied in their base class with their form teacher, Mrs Darlington. DT, French, Computing, PE, Music, Drama and RS are taught by specialist subject teachers.

In English, we enjoy all aspects of the written word. Writing and sharing poetry, creating stories and writing letters are just some of our activities. Reading is, of course, essential to all our work, so we read as much as we can to hone our skills.

Our Mathematics work takes place every morning, and we work in groups so that we can ensure that our work is tailored to suit the pace of our learning.

Our topics in Science include habitats and adaptation, so we can use our beautiful grounds at Manor House School to enhance aspects of this area of study.  We also find out about teeth and eating and electricity. Plenty of hands-on work to inspire future scientists!

In Humanities, we study both historical and geographical topics. The study of natural disasters and their impact on our world forms part of the geographical work we do. We also study the reasons why people live where they do in both Guildford and Portsmouth.

The Tudors is a firm favourite with Year 4, as we incorporate two great trips to further our knowledge. One is to the National Portrait Gallery Tudor Room and the other to Hooke Court in Dorset. This is our two-night residential trip. While we are there, we do activities, some in full Tudor costume, which support our Tudor work, as well as encourage independence and self-confidence.

Y4 or Team 4D as we like to be called, love what we do every day!


Girls in Year 5 of the Prep School at Manor House enjoy a wide and varied curriculum designed to stimulate independent thinking and a love of learning.

The majority of subjects are taught by the Form Teacher who is a primary specialist. This consistency allows the Form Teacher to build positive relationships within the form and across the Prep school. Girls are listened to and their views respected, supported and, when necessary, challenged within a strong, pastorally supportive environment.

Subject specialist teaching continues in French, Art, Music, Drama and PE and in Year 5 an extra language, Spanish, is also introduced.

Standards and expectations remain high in Year 5. We work with each girl with the aim that they all reach their full potential. We ensure that the girls are learning to be equipped to face the challenges and responsibilities of life. By instilling a sense of independence and resilience in the girls they become more confident to aim for greater success.  The breadth and variety of topics taught in Year 5 also helps the girls to better understand the wider world from a literary, historical, geographical and ethical viewpoint.

The academic year begins with a team building, problem-solving and independence focused three-day residential to the beautiful centre of Sayers Croft in Ewhurst, Surrey. The activities, challenges and learning that takes place supports many areas of the Year 5 curriculum. This experience gives an opportunity for the girls to bond together, create memories and form new friendships.

Other trips include, a day visit to the South Downs Planetarium as part of their Science work on Earth and Space and a trip to the Victorian Schoolroom at Guildford Museum.


Year 6 is a busy and exciting year full of opportunities for the girls to share in unforgettable experiences and to thoroughly enjoy their final year in the Prep Department. The girls are expected and encouraged to work hard and play hard, to be excellent role models in all aspects of Prep life and to support and lead activities wherever they can. House Leaders in the Preps assist in assemblies with House Rewards and work alongside the Senior House Captains to develop House Events and activities to further the House identity. School Council and Food Committee Representatives for Year 6 help to lead Prep School meetings and take ideas and recommendations for younger girls to Senior School meetings.

Following and extending the National Curriculum, English and Mathematics are taught in small ability groups set across the year ensuring that each girl’s learning is both challenged and supported as required. Computing lessons are delivered in the Senior ICT suite and Science lessons ensure that the girls have secure foundations and knowledge which will be built upon in the Seniors.

Humanities teaching includes studies of local and world Rivers and Mountains, World War Two and Japan. These projects are further enhanced through a Geography field trip in the Autumn and an immersive visit to Henley Fort during the Spring Term.

The girls are taught PE by specialist teachers and have the opportunity to participate in numerous match fixtures across the year both as representatives of their House and the School.

Our Year 6 Residential Visit to PGL on the Isle of Wight in the Summer Term involves a range of exciting challenges, including Water Sports and team activities. This trip is a great opportunity to practice skills of independence and personal organisation which we nurture and develop throughout the year. Specialist teachers deliver Music and Drama lessons and all girls value and enjoy the experience of singing at the O2 as part of the Young Voices concert. The girls in Year 6 take the lead roles in the Prep Production which is always a highlight and rounds off an exciting, challenging and inspiring year which prepares them well for their next phase in the Senior School.