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GCSE Results

Exam Results 2023

The Year 11 class of 2023 achieved some excellent results in their GCSEs this summer. Over half of all grades were 9-7 with 28% being either 8 or 9.

In ten different subjects, at least a third of all students exceeded their already aspirational target grades by one grade or more. Ten individuals, over a quarter of the year group, also achieved the top three grades in eight or more of their GCSEs.

Continuing a trend of outperforming peers, the Manor House School class of 2023 gained nearly two-thirds of a grade higher across all their GCSEs compared to other girls of the same ability nationally (Source: Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring).

How well do girls at Manor House achieve at GCSE compared to peers nationally?

GCSE Results by Subject 2019-2023 with National Averages