Prep School

Lower Prep (Reception to Year 3)

The Manor House School Lower Prep Department consists of our Nursery School (Nursery and Kindergarten), Reception Class, and Year 1, 2 and 3 classes.

We aim to create a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment for the children at our school.   We provide the structure that pupils need to develop good working habits, engage their interest and stimulate their desire to learn.

Our teachers encourage pupils to be happy, confident individuals with the values, skills and knowledge necessary to take on the challenges of life in the Junior Department and beyond.

Our Nursery School and Reception Class is housed in excellent purpose-built facilities, with large, modern and light classrooms with access to a dedicated all-weather playground.

Years 1 and 2 are situated in the spacious Garden Block, overlooking the Summer Garden and the Lower Prep outdoor play area.  Year 3 is located in the main house. From Year 3, the girls are set in much the same way for Spelling and Guided Reading and go on their first residential trip for one night.

Pupils benefit from having full access to whole-school facilities, including an assembly hall, a sports hall, a swimming pool, extensive playing fields, an outdoor learning area (The Dell) and specially designed cookery, music and drama rooms.

Each class has a full-time teacher and access to a qualified teaching assistant.  From Reception, we are committed to maintaining smaller class sizes to get the best out of every girl. A broad, balanced curriculum allows us to celebrate and value creativity, whilst giving the girls plenty of time to develop at their own pace, with teaching tailored to the needs of each individual.

Within the structured school day, our girls quickly gain self-confidence and enthusiasm for learning. Emphasis is placed on trying their best, being kind and respectful to others, and having fun at school!

We work hard to build a caring, family-style environment where our happy girls flourish in their learning and personal development. We encourage strong links between school and home through ‘Meet the Teachers’ evenings, regular written reports, parents’ evenings and an ‘open door’ policy.

UPPER PREP (Years 4-6)

In the Upper Prep School, our Form Teachers, all of whom are primary specialists, teach the majority of lessons in our well-resourced classrooms. Gradually, specialist teaching is introduced until, by Year 6, approximately half of all lessons are delivered by subject specialists, many of whom also teach in our Senior School.  French is taught from Early Years but Spanish is introduced in Year 5 and Latin and German in Year 6.

At Manor House School, we follow the National Curriculum guidelines for English, Science, Computing and Mathematics, Humanities, Modern Foreign Languages, Music and Drama but, as an independent school, we are not constrained by them. Instead, we use this guidance as a tool to inform our own unique curriculum, to make the learning pertinent and enjoyable for our pupils, with lessons tailored to their needs and interests.

All year groups go on a residential visit, starting with two nights in Year 4, developing to a week in Year 6.   The girls enjoy numerous day trips, workshops, performance opportunities and theatre trips, including a French language interactive theatre show. There is a much anticipated Junior Drama production that every girl takes part in. Choir is a popular extra-curricular club, as are the various sports clubs, and we have a high uptake of co-curricular Music and Drama lessons.

Across the Prep School Department, we regularly address a specific core value through assemblies and PSHE lessons and have a strong tradition of excellent pastoral care.