Manor House School is a very special environment where we do all we can to support our girls in achieving the best possible examination results.  It is also a priority to ensure that every girl feels confident and secure enough to allow her potential to emerge. Our value added results are exceptional.

In line with the government’s aspiration to ensure that all charities provide public benefit, we have means tested bursaries that can cover up to 100% of the fees and a small amount of the additional costs such as uniform.

Who is eligible for a Bursary?

You are eligible to apply for a bursary for your daughter if you are considering sending your daughter to the school.  You will also be eligible if your daughter is already at the school but your family circumstances have changed and you find the fees are no longer affordable.

How do I apply for a Bursary?

There is a link to download the form below.

This application should reach the Director of Finance, Mr Charles Burton, by 31 December for the academic year starting the following September. Applicants will be notified in mid-January, a week following the Entrance Examinations.

How do you determine who is offered a Bursary?

We have a two part assessment of bursaries. The first is based on the financial information supplied in the form and takes into consideration income and assets. The second looks at the potential your daughter has shown to contribute to the life of the school, either academically or through music, sports or arts.

If you feel your daughter would benefit from a Manor House education and that she would be able to contribute to school life, but the school fees are beyond your means, complete an application form or contact the Director of Finance for more information.