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Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Happy and Healthy

The care and welfare of our students is a high priority at Manor House School and we have a strong tradition of excellent pastoral care and an established reputation for providing a nurturing and supportive environment.  We want every girl to love coming to school and for Manor House School to be a place where our students feel comfortable, safe and secure and where they grow in confidence and give of their best.

Our girls flourish in an environment where friendship, respect and mutual support are ever-present.  Our through-school ethos means that girls lower down the school interact with the older girls and this promotes a sense of family and belonging.

A dedicated form teacher or (in Seniors) form tutor is available to encourage and advise pupils.  They are supported by four Heads of Key Stage; Head of Pre-Prep (Nursery, Reception, Years 1-2), Head of Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6), Head of Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) and Head of Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) and Deputy Head/Head of Pastoral Care.

We have an annually appointed Senior Prefect Team consisting of Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl which includes a Senior Prefect with responsibility for Key Stage 2 and 3, a Pre-Prep Prefect and House Captains.  These are supplemented by a Core Prefect Team which includes a Lead Supportive Friend and Student Voice Prefect.

House System

Manor House School has an active House system promoting inter-year group friendships, fun and camaraderie.  There are three houses, Discovery, Endeavour and Victory.    Every pupil is assigned to a House for the duration of their school life and each of our Houses has an appointed staff member who acts as Head of House and a House Captain as part of our Senior Prefect Team.   Pupils are very loyal to their House and popular features of the school year include inter-house competitions such as Theme Week, House Arts and various sports galas.  Our house system underpins our close-knit family community of girls and helps develop lasting friendships.

Supportive Friends

Supportive Friends is a support group for every student in the school. It provides a listening ear and, after eight years, continues to thrive.  Girls organise events for Anti-Bullying Week and other relevant topics.    All new girls who join the school are assigned a buddy from the team for a year.  There are supportive friends on duty every break time to provide support and to chat to girls of any age.  Applicants have to apply for the position and receive training.  They are identifiable by a Friendship Badge.

Levels of behaviour at Manor House School are generally excellent. However, friendships amongst girls can occasionally run into difficulties so Manor House School has well proven strategies in place to help girls manage and resolve any differences in a mature, empathetic way.