Upper Prep

Year 5

Girls in Year 5 of the Prep School at Manor House enjoy a wide and varied curriculum designed to stimulate independent thinking and a love of learning.

The majority of subjects are taught by the Form Teacher who is a primary specialist. This consistency allows the Form Teacher to build positive relationships within the form and across the Prep school. Girls are listened to and their views respected, supported and, when necessary, challenged within a strong, pastorally supportive environment.

Subject specialist teaching continues in French, Art, Music, Drama and PE and in Year 5 an extra language, Spanish, is also introduced.

Standards and expectations remain high in Year 5. We work with each girl with the aim that they all reach their full potential. We ensure that the girls are learning to be equipped to face the challenges and responsibilities of life. By instilling a sense of independence and resilience in the girls they become more confident to aim for greater success.  The breadth and variety of topics taught in Year 5 also helps the girls to better understand the wider world from a literary, historical, geographical and ethical viewpoint.

The academic year begins with a team building, problem-solving and independence focused three-day residential to the beautiful centre of Sayers Croft in Ewhurst, Surrey. The activities, challenges and learning that takes place supports many areas of the Year 5 curriculum. This experience gives an opportunity for the girls to bond together, create memories and form new friendships.

Other trips include, a day visit to the South Downs Planetarium as part of their Science work on Earth and Space and a trip to the Victorian Schoolroom at Guildford Museum.