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Year 7 Humanities Visit to Sussex

Humanities Trip to Pulborough Brooks, Sussex

Studying environmental Geography and celebrating the living history of Classical Civilisation and Latin, Year 7 girls headed off to Pulborough Brooks on a practical Humanities Trip.

As part of environmental Geography, Year 7 were introduced to the idea of conserving natural areas for wildlife and people at the RSPB nature reserve at Pulborough Brooks.  After a picnic snack watching birds on the birdfeeder, doves on the roof and baby rabbits, they worked out what wildlife was likely to be found in a variety of habitats on the reserve. Looking over the ‘Brooks’ they learnt how the wetland area has been managed in the past to protect farmland and homes from flooding and more recently to create a wetland refuge for birds and other wildlife. Wandering along the trail, they discussed the benefits of places to walk and learn about nature for the public and for the wildlife.

Then, to celebrate the living history of Classical Civilisation and Latin, it was on to Bignor Roman Villa. The girls ate lunch on ground that had been walked on by a Romano-British landowner and his many servants and farmworker to whom the villa, close to Stane Street Roman road, belonged.  An enthusiastic guide dressed appropriately in clothes of the era treated them to an explanation of how the long mosaic corridor, the hypocaust heating system and other beautifully preserved mosaics of Venus, Medusa and other scenes, were all designed to show off to visiting Romans and landowners.


26th June 2018 by Manor House School


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