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The HARA Rock Band on Mental Health, Online Safety & Cyber Bullying

This week we had upcoming Manchester based rock band, The HARA, perform an extended assembly on Mental Health, Online Safety & Cyber Bullying as part of their themed UK schools tour.

The alternative rock band, The HARA, have been travelling to different schools around the country during November with their assembly concert focused around mental health, online safety and cyber bulling. The programme has toured more than 5,300 schools around the UK and Ireland, with a mix of different artists, with outstanding reviews. Pupils in the Senior School watched a unique and entertaining performance from the artists, followed by their Mental Health and Online Safety educational message.

The HARA, formed in July 2017, is a lively energetic theatrical Alternative Pop Rock band. ‘Made To Be’ from their debut EP achieved #2 in the official iTunes Alternative Single Charts. All of the band members were directly bullied or cyber bullied as youngsters for being "different" so feel they are the perfect advocates for delivering their message to senior school pupils.

The main message of the presentation was to empower students to make the right choices in regards to Online Safety and Cyber Bullying, as well as to inform pupils to always treat everyone fairly. They also discussed mental health and well-being, with a view to empowering students to have the confidence to speak about their state of mind if necessary, to recognise when to reach out and who to talk to. After having their own issues with online safety, stress and mental health, they are touring to discuss these issues with national senior school pupils.


12th November 2019 by Manor House School


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