Shakespearean Comedy and a Backstage Tour at The Globe Theatre

The Globe Backstage Tour

Year 8 were treated to a backstage tour of The Globe Theatre, London before enjoying a modern take on Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing'. This article features extracts from reviews written by senior girls who attended the educational trip.

On Wednesday 7 March, Year 8 visited The Globe Theatre on Southbank which proved to be a highly enjoyable and educational trip. The girls were treated to a backstage tour of The Globe including a brilliant Shakespeare exhibition which included many original artefacts and information about 16th Century London. They then watched a performance of ‘Much ado about Nothing’ which was wonderfully modern and choreographed beautifully. Here are some extracts from Year 8’s reviews:

“I really enjoyed our visit to The Globe, it was an interesting and enlightening trip on the work of Shakespeare’s play of 'Much Ado About Nothing'. It was great fun and had lots of cleverly crafted modern twists to add to the humour and excitement that the play already presented.” (Verity)

“I was stimulated, inspired, entertained and amused. I loved the music, the love story, the modern costumes and the comedy.” (Nell)

“The acting was really good; in some scenes I felt as if I was actually there with them. It was a modern version so it was more realistic.” (Abigail)

“I thought that the production of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ was very captivating and definitely one that I would recommend. It suits all ages, and I loved the modern twists. Even if you aren't satisfied with the play, just watching the audience should suffice as their reactions are very interesting, and something you wouldn't normally get to see in a normal theatre: that is the beauty of The Globe, it’s in the round, so you can see everyone else as you watch the play. It is a stunning venue.” (Chloé)

“The scenery was beautiful: filled with life and colour. I would definitely watch the play again. It was fantastic.” (Grace)

“The play was very good with a modern twist. The actors had phones and were dressed in modern clothes. I really liked the openness of the theatre and the use of natural light.” (Alice G)

“I was greatly entertained by the play, my favourite parts being Beatrice and Benedick’s ‘merry war’ that showcased some of Shakespeare’s most cutting insults, and their heartfelt love confession -especially since it happens just after the devastating failed wedding.” (Sofia)

“My favourite part of the play was when Beatrice and Benedick were snooping in on the other conversations and finding out their love for each other, leading to a comical and humourous scene. Every time I looked around me the audience was always hooked and roars of laughter erupted from the crowd on several occasions.” (Amelie)

“I loved how the actors interacted with the audience and walked or stamped through the ‘groundlings’ and even sometimes hid in amongst them. It was super enjoyable and I even sometimes wished I was standing on the ground to be even more in the action!” (Hope)

“I loved the openness of the theatre; it was very noticeable when you could see pigeons soar down from the sky and make their landing on the thatched roof.” (Alice H)


15th March 2018 by Manor House School