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Prep School Sing and Dance at the 02

Year 2018-19

Girls had a great view of the guest singers at the O2 on Monday when they enjoyed a thrilling evening of dance and music.

Year 6 of the Prep School enjoyed a thrilling evening singing and dancing at the O2 on Monday, along with more than 8,000 other children. Despite being seated up high, girls had a really good view of the guest singers: Sharleen Hector from Basement Jaxx; Beau Dermott, Britain’s Got Talent; Tony Hadley (Gold!), plus of course Urban Strides – Street Dance Phenomena.

Here are just a couple of reports from the girls:

"Going to the O2 was an unforgettable experience; my favourite song was the pop medley – and of course the Greatest Showman finale! Going with my friends made it really fun. It looked magical." Annika

"I sung my heart out at the O2; it was the best night ever! When everyone switched on the light on their mobiles it looked like a dream world. All the guests were amazing; I wish you could have been there." Kate

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1st February 2019 by Manor House School