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Prep Girls Design Colour Coded Christmas Tree for Bookham Festival

St Nicholas Church, Bookham and Manor House School's Christmas Tree Exhibit from Year 4

Girls in Year 4 brought school value, 'Creative and Collaborative' to life when they designed a colour coded Christmas Tree for St. Nicholas Church in Bookham as part of the annual Christmas Tree Festival.

Mrs Chambers and Year 4 created a beautiful Christmas tree for the Christmas Tree Festival at St Nicholas's Church in Bookham. The theme this year is 'Journey to Bethlehem' so Year 4 girls creatively colour coded the journeys that took place that night: blue for Mary and Joseph, green for the Shepherds and sheep and yellow for the Kings. We hope you'll agree that their final exhibit looks beautiful!

Lots of local schools and other community groups are being represented at St Nicholas's Church and Manor House School are delighted to also be involved. The trees are on display for the next week so do pop along and see the festival.

6th December 2018 by Manor House School