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Fantastic ‘Frankenstein’ – Year 11 Theatre Trip

Girls in Year 11 enjoyed an inspirational trip and Q&A session with the producer and actors of Mary Shelley's Gothic masterpiece 'Frankenstein'.

On 7 November, Year 11 Set 1 were fortunate to be able to see Rona Munro’s brilliant new adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Gothic masterpiece ‘Frankenstein’ at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre Guildford. The production places the writer herself amongst the action as she wrestles with her creation and with the stark realities facing revolutionary young women, then and now. It was a great opportunity, as we are studying the text for GCSE. It was very insightful and we were lucky enough to have a Q & A session with the producer and the actors afterwards. This was a great way to hear new perspectives about what it is like to play and be inside the character’s minds.

Eleanor F (English Prefect)

‘The production was amazing.’ (Naomi)

‘It was great to see the text come alive.’ (Verity)

‘The setting was cleverly created.’ (Caitlin)

‘We felt as if we were inside Mary Shelley’s brain.’ (Aila)

‘It reminded us that the text is a construct created by the writer.’ (Rosie)

‘Frankenstein looked like Tom Holland!’ (Isabella)

6th December 2019 by Manor House School


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