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Academic Challenges for Prep School Girls

Prep Girls Receiving Their Mathletics Certificates

Girls in the Prep School at Manor House are benefiting from taking part in various academic challenges – from testing their quick-fire Maths ability to their depth of general knowledge at the National Inter-Schools Quiz Club Competition.

Pupils started the new term with a variety of Maths certificates being awarded in assembly. Many girls, across the whole of the Prep School, have been playing Mathletics – an engaging, supportive online learning resource – targeted to the various national maths curricula of the UK, from Foundation to Key Stage 5 – over the Christmas holidays and were pleased to see their efforts rewarded.

Just before the holidays, girls in Years 3-6 took part in our ‘Times Tables Challenge’. Girls achieving 90% or more in 4 minutes received a certificate in recognition of their skills. The challenges range from answering 40 to 75 questions – quite demanding in such a short amount of time.

This week, girls in Years 3-6 have been practising for the second round of Quiz Club. Next week they will be competing against eleven teams from other schools at the Inter-schools Competition to be held at Manor House School. Teams have just 30 seconds in which to decide upon the correct answer to a wide range of questions, such as; ‘Which two planets are sixth and fourth from the Sun: Mercury and Venus, Saturn and Mars, Saturn and Mars or Jupiter and Venus?’

11th January 2018 by Manor House School