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A Historical Love of Learning in Year 3

Year 3 girls at Fishbourne Roman Palace

The first class outing of the academic year saw our Year 3 class travel to Chichester to learn about the Celts and Romans. Girls were involved in activities which brought to life their classroom learning with practical demonstrations and workshops.


On Wednesday 3rd October, Mrs Horrocks's Year 3 class went to Chichester to visit Fishbourne Roman Palace. It was a glorious, sunny day and it made the class's first outing even more exciting!  Upon arrival, an interesting and informative workshop taught girls about the lives of the Celts and the Romans that lived in the area and what artifacts were discovered when the site was excavated in 1960. 

Various activities had been planned for the class to engage in after the workshop and these involved pupils deciding which of the activities belonged to the Celts, and which of them were part of the Roman way of life. Year 3 wrote their names in Roman letters on a wax tablet, learnt how to write using a quill and ink and played a variety of games and puzzles.  The class  watched a demonstration on how a Roman arch would have been built and learnt how to assemble the tiles on a roof to make them waterproof. The girls also got to weave using yarn! The highlights were, of course, when Isabelle dressed in a ceremonial Celtic outfit and Amy dressed in a Roman toga and very long cloak to show some of the outfits that were worn during these times. 

After lunch, everyone went to view the amazing mosaic floor of Fishbourne Roman Palace and saw how the ‘Cupid and the Dolphin’ floor was heated. Pupils sketched some beautiful examples of the mosaics. After learning lots about the Roman and Celtic way of life, Mrs Horrocks and the girls spent some time exploring the beautiful gardens and discovering some unusual herbs and flowers from that period.


9th October 2018 by Manor House School