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GCSE History Trip to Berlin

7th November 2014

The visit proved a great success with students displaying great enthusiasm for the arduous trip schedule and getting used to long walks, early rises and self-imposed late nights! On arrival…

German Exchange Trip

7th November 2014

Ice hockey, Angela Merkel’s office, cake, bullet holes, hats, caves and the Berlin Wall, 69 year old Russian graffiti, chocolate and the home of perfume. Our German Exchange was a…

S10 Geography Field Trip

2nd October 2014

Our Year 10 Geography students at Manor House School recently had the opportunity to experience two very different coastal environments as an introduction to their GCSE course.  First they visited…

Visitors Experience ‘Africa’

9th July 2014

Visitors to Manor House School last week might have been forgiven for thinking they were in Africa upon arrival.  Everywhere they looked they saw an array of African shields, artwork,…

Year 7 Humanities Trip to East Sussex

3rd July 2014

Year 7 of Manor House School Seniors Department spent a busy and investigative two days enjoying the East Sussex sunshine on the recent Humanities Field Trip. The first stop was…

Open Morning

Wednesday 13 March

9.30 am to 12.30 pm

girls sat on the field

We hold three whole School Open Mornings every year to showcase our Nursery, Kindergarten, Prep and Senior Schools;

in the Autumn Term in October, in the Spring Term in March and in the Summer Term in May or June.