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Exam Results

Exam Results 2022

After the Covid disruption across the preceding two years, the hard work and resilience of girls in Year 11 at Manor House School, Bookham was rewarded with an excellent set of GCSE results. 

Continuing a trend of high achievement, a third of all grades were either 9 or 8, with over half being 9-7. Every single student gained Level 2 pass in English, Maths and Science.

In a year group of 29, the top 9-7 grades were achieved by three quarters of the class in eight different subject areas, with 100% 9-7 in Chemistry, PE and Spanish.

Almost half the year exceeded aspirational target grades in Maths by 1 or more GCSE grades.

We were delighted that the class of 2022, regardless of aptitude, gained almost 1 GCSE grade higher across all their GCSEs compared to other girls of the same ability nationally (Source: Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring).


GCSE Results by Subject Against National Averages 2019-22

How well do girls at Manor House achieve at GCSE compared to peers nationally?