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Year 5

Girls in Year 5 of the Prep School at Manor House enjoy a wide and varied curriculum designed to stimulate independent thinking and a love of learning.

Many subjects are still taught by the Form Teacher, a primary specialist. This helps to build good relationships with individual girls and strong pastoral care. Subject specialist teaching continues in French, Art, Music, Drama and PE and an extra language, Spanish, is also introduced.

Standards and expectations increase in Year 5 to ensure that the girls are equipped to face the challenges and responsibilities of life. The breadth and variety of topics taught in Year 5 help the girls to understand many things within the world around them and to become independent, resilient workers.

Girls are taught in ability groups across the year group for Mathematics, Spelling and Guided Reading.  Movement between these groups is reviewed regularly based on informal assessment results and teacher observation.

In the autumn term, the girls visit the South Downs Planetarium as part of their Science work on Earth and Space. This is followed by a trip to the Victorian Schoolroom at Guildford Museum in the spring term.

At the beginning of the summer term, there is a three-day residential trip to a state-of-the-art PGL centre in Liddington, which supports learning across the curriculum and strengthens group work skills in preparation for the girls’ next stage.