Year 4

In Year 4 at Manor House School students have a busy time working hard and thinking for themselves.

French, Computing, Art, PE, Music, Drama and RS are taught by specialist subject teachers.  English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and PSHE are studied in their base class with their form teacher.

The individual care of each of our girls is enhanced by the amount of time they spend with their form teacher on a daily basis.

In English we enjoy all aspects of the written word.  Sharing poetry, writing stories and creating newspaper articles are just some of our activities.  Reading is, of course, essential to all our work so we read as much as we can to hone our skills.

Our Mathematics work takes place every morning and pupils are placed into sets where we work in small groups so that we can ensure that our work is tailored to suit the pace of our learning.

Our topics in Science include habitats and adaptation as we are able to use our beautiful grounds at Manor House School to enhance aspects of this area of study.  We also find out about teeth and eating and electricity.  Plenty of hands-on work to inspire future scientists!

In Humanities we study both historical and geographical topics.  The study of natural disasters and their impact on our World forms a large part of the geographical work we do.

The Tudors is a firm favourite with Year 4 as we incorporate two great trips to further our knowledge.  One is to the National Portrait Gallery Tudor Room and the other to Hooke Court in Dorset.  This is our two night residential trip. While we are there we do activities, some in full Tudor costume, which support our Tudor work as well as encourage independence and self-confidence.