Upper Prep School

In the Upper Prep School, for girls aged 8-11 years, we aim to provide a supportive, yet demanding, learning environment at Manor House School. Happy, confident pupils make the greatest progress in their learning and it is our aim to identify and develop the positive qualities of each girl and support her in intellectual, social and physical pursuits.

We offer carefully managed progression from our Lower Prep School, whilst providing appropriate challenges and developing independence in readiness for life in our Senior School.

Our Prep girls are given learning strategies that are effective and enjoyable from the outset.  Well-equipped learning spaces, excellent resources and the on-going support and encouragement of the Prep School teaching staff create an inspiring environment that both excites and challenges. Everyone here loves to learn; we help each other and we work together.

By Year 6, 50-91% of our students achieve Level 5 or higher in SATs testing. Many achieve Level 6, well above the expected national average of Level 4.  We use nationally standardised tests to track the progress of our girls at the beginning and end of each school year. This enables us to plan, support or extend work as each girl develops her skills and understanding.