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EM Battle Fields Trip 038 Senior Curriculum Humanities


During Key Stage 3,  girls study all the Humanities subjects plus either Latin or Classical Civilisation. At Key Stage 4, girls choose their GCSE options and are advised to study at least one Humanities subject, although many choose two options.


In Geography we start by looking at where we are in the world, right down to our local area shown in detail on maps.  Later on, we study Physical Geography topics such as Rivers, Earthquakes and Volcanoes and the weather. We also look at less developed countries, and the role of aid, trade and tourism in the world economy.  At GCSE we study AQA B with an emphasis on challenges facing the 21st century world.  Girls also have the opportunity to take part in trips abroad such as Iceland and Morocco.


History explores the events which have shaped our world today. Via the Norman Invasion of 1066, the Middle Ages and the Armada, we follow slave ships across the Atlantic, relive the Industrial Revolution and walk in trenches from the First World War. GCSE classes travel to Berlin to assess the rise of Hitler, and also explore the history of medicine through time.

Religious Studies

In Religious Studies we look at a variety of religions, including Judaism, Islam and Sikhism. Christianity is the foundation of our investigations so we spend time studying the impact the Bible has had on shaping people’s lives. In Year 9 and throughout our studies we examine our own journey of faith; asking lots of questions and listening to each other’s views.  We visit the NW Surrey Synagogue, Bookham Baptist Church, Shah Jahan Mosque and the Life of Christ at Wintershall.  At GCSE level, we study Ethics and Christianity. A challenging course, which involves understanding and interpreting the world we live in – and developing informed opinions for ourselves.

All girls continue with General Religious Studies which includes topics such as the looking for happiness, crime and punishment, the existence of God and moral decision making.


In Classics, girls have the opportunity to study Latin or Classical Civilisation throughout the Senior Department.  In Latin we follow the highly acclaimed Cambridge Latin Course whose books and stories are progressively set in Pompeii, various towns in Roman Britain and Rome itself.  At GCSE, girls study ‘real’ Latin literature in addition to the on-going language element, and there is also an optional module where they can study a number of Roman life topics based wholly around primary evidence.

In Classical Civilisation we study both the culture and literature of Ancient Greece and Rome.  Topics include the gods and myths, the founding of Rome and its Empire, the Trojan war, and the daily life and entertainments of both civilisations.  At GCSE, girls take 4 modules, one of which is a Controlled Assessment on the ancient Olympic Games.  The other 3 modules are on Homer’s fantastic epic of adventure, the Odyssey, aspects of daily life in Rome and life in the town of Pompeii around the eruption of Vesuvius in AD79.