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October Sports Report

What an exciting and vibrant first half term of sport we have had. Hopefully you have had a taste of the activities we have done in the lessons and some of the results of the sports matches from the tweets that have been sent.

We have been lucky enough to have some good weather so the pool has been able to stay open for five weeks. We have been challenging the girls with various Water Skills awards, the National Curriculum Award, Challenge 1 and 2, Bronze and Silver Challenge, Personal Survival and Year 9 have been very creative and entertaining with their Synchronised Swimming.

In the Games lessons, we have been doing a variety of activities such as creative games making, ball skills and games, invasion games, introduction to Netball and Hockey and developing tactical play and set pieces with the older girls.

Year 10 and Year 11 have embarked on their fitness campaign with a variety of cardio-vascular and circuit training activities. The other year groups have also just started fitness and will continue after half term until they start gymnastics.

We have been running ‘Mix and Match’ sessions after school for those who want to come and play Netball, Hockey and Football and these have been very popular.

We have had a large number of Hockey and Netball fixtures involving girls from Year 4 to Year 11. Highlights have included:-

Hockey; U12B v Rosebery – 3-2, U13 v Rosebery – 1-1, U16 v Howard – 0-0 and U16 v Rosebery – 2-1.

Other games involved close defeats but the potential and efforts from the teams were appreciated by all who watched.

Netball highlights have included U15B v Rosebery – 13-7, U14B v Howard – 6-4 and v Rosebery – 9-7, U13A v Howard 11-6 and U13 v Rosebery – 15-2, U11A v Rowan – 7-5 and U11A v Eastwick – 9-4, U10 v Eastwick – 10-1. Two mixed teams of Year 10 and 11 won against Ashcombe 21-15 and 17-10.

The Junior Swim team won their match against Eastwick and the Year 9/Year 10 Relay Squad did the school proud in the Surrey Schools Relay Championships.

We have been very lucky to have some extra help so far this term from Mrs McMillan who has been looking after the Swim Team, Mrs Townend has provided extra Netball coaching Mrs Wright has helped out with some Hockey.  After half term Mrs Nandhra will be running a Fitness Club.

We are looking forward to the next half term as we will continue with the Netball, Hockey and Fitness lessons as well as starting Gymnastics.

Fitness Club and Gym Club will start after school and the House Cross Country will take place on the Monday 18 November.

If anyone is interested in playing sport during half term please visit the Surrey Storm website for information about Netball Camps being run at Surrey Sports Park by the Surrey Storm Players.

If Hockey is your thing please visit the where you will find information about Hockey camps being run by international players at Reigate Grammar School.

Thank you to everyone for their efforts and enthusiasm in both lessons, practices and matches.

Have a good half term from The PE Department.