Extra-Curricular Clubs

Extra-Curricular Clubs Programme

Every term, we run an extensive timetable of extra-curricular activities as part of our curricular enrichment programme at Manor House School.  With over fifty clubs taking place during any one term across the school, there is plenty to choose from at lunch-time and after lessons.

Our Clubs Booklet is issued at the beginning of each term and can be found below – full details of sports practices are included at the end of the booklet.

Pupils are expected to make a commitment for a whole term for any clubs they choose to take part in and students may choose as many extra-curricular clubs as they wish,  in addition to co-curricular activities, such as extra instrumental lessons.

If you have any suggestions for new clubs  at Manor House School, please let us know at admin@manorhouseschool.org

Forest School

We run a Forest School Club with Woodland Forest School.  The after school club takes place on Fridays.  Please complete the booking form below.