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This page changes every week for Prep School News linked to the Weekly School Newsletter. This week:

Gym Club – Monday 11 November – CANCELLED

There will be no Gym Club on Monday 11 November due to the Drama GCSE girls using EGH to film their Shakespeare Festive piece.

Gym Club will resume on Monday 18 November.


In Reception, the girls have had a lot of fun learning about Bonfire Night. They have thought of words to describe Bonfire Night and wrote them in chalk on black paper! They then added glitter to make their pictures extra special!

In Maths, they have been learning about lengths and heights. Pupils have learnt to use words such as tall, taller and tallest to describe paintbrushes and ourselves! We have also measured ourselves with pens and we know that Clemmie and Lily are 7 pens long and Ava and Emily are 8 pens long!

Home Learning


Can you take your child on an autumn walk and pick up any leaves you find? We will be using them for a project next week! Think about the different sizes of the leaves and ask the children to use their comparative language to describe the leaves (e.g. short, shorter, shortest.)