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This page changes every week for Prep School News linked to the Weekly School Newsletter. This week:

Calendar Amendments

Monday 23 September – EYFS/KS1 Phonics Parent Workshop Postponed until Monday 11 November – 4.00pm-6.00pm

Thursday 26 September – 4.00pm –  FOMHS – AGM – Goldsby

Thursday 17 October – 4.15pm-7.30pm – Prep Parents Evening – Pastoral

Wednesday 11 March – 4.15pm-7.30pm – Prep Parents Evening.


In Reception Class, pupils enjoyed learning how to play the violin. This is a picture of the girls holding the violin underneath their chins with no hands! Super clever! Thank you Mrs Dobell for teaching them!



Retelling Of The Three Little Pigs

In Year 1 this week, girls created story maps of the traditional story ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and then used these along with some stick puppets to retell the story. The girls used great expression for the different characters and some wonderful language. #ALoveOfLearning

Mini Garden Competition – West Horsley Village Fete

Amabelle H in Year 1 visited the West Horsley Village fete last Saturday and entered the mini garden competition. Amabelle used a variety of materials to make her wonderful mini garden and was awarded a highly commended for her efforts. Well done. #IndividualChallenge

Year 2 Investigation Skills

Year 2 have been developing their collaborative investigation skills this week. Working out the relationship between the number of guests at a party and the sweets they would receive. #IndividualChallenge

Year 2 Lunch For Mr Grinling

Year 2 made a delicious, nutritious lunch for Mr Grinling, The Lighthouse Keeper, using all five food groups. #ALoveofLearning

Year 2

Year 2 had a very industrious morning writing stories, using ambitious vocabulary. #AcademicExcellence

Year 4 Guest Show and Tell

On Tuesday, Team 4D thoroughly enjoyed celebrating with Simon, who achieved his dream of riding his motorbike from Cape Town, South Africa to Bookham, England to see his niece who is part of our school. After thirteen countries, two months and 11,000km he arrived in our car park!

The girls spent the morning discussing his adventures and learning more about the continent of Africa in particular. Who knew that an elephant could walk on the base of the Zambezi River with the top of its head just above the waterline and use its trunk like a snorkel to breathe through!

Quote of the day from Lexie, “I found Simon really inspiring and now I know dreams can come true if you are determined.”



Don’t forget Honeypots is available after school from 4.00pm until 6.00pm for children aged between three and nine. Honeypots is now being led by Mrs Kiely and Mrs James and each session is designed to be fun and interesting. Activities include crafts, games, stories, experiments and more. Bookings can be made via and includes tea if required.