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Sessions and Fees

Our Sessions

We provide flexibility of day care and offer three session options to fit with you and your child along with discounts of up to 20% for those wishing to attend 4 or more sessions per week.

Sessions begin from 8.00am and finish at 12.30pm (morning), 3:30-4pm (late class) on a standard day, or 6pm* if you prefer an extended day (for aged 3 years upwards). *

All sessions include a morning snack and lunch and our extended day includes a light tea.

Fees are paid termly. We illustrate our fees per term and also the equivalent fee per day to assist you in your budgeting. A full list of our fees and charges can be found below. Please call us on 01372 457077 if you have any questions.

When Can Your Child Join?

Children can join our Nursery Class (aged 2-3) at the beginning of the Autumn term in September, Spring term in January or Easter term in April. Children can join our Kindergarten Class (aged 3-4) at any point in the academic year.

Nursery Sessions

You can find a copy of our nursery sessions form below.