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Nursery & Reception Class News

Nursery and Reception Class Weekly News

What we enjoyed this week:

The children have continued to enjoy learning about autumn and their senses.

They have been working hard to create designs for Christmas cards, which you will have the opportunity to order later in the year, and special portraits for Grandparents afternoon.


Nursery have been looking at our sense of smell this week through the story, Smelly Louie. We have placed smells such as ginger, garlic and cocoa into play dough and expressed our likes and dislikes, ticking off our preferences on our tick sheet.

In Maths, we have been focusing on the number 2 and had fun finger painting large numbers.  We have also explored pattern and have created and continued colour patterns using coloured cotton reels and coloured wiggly worms!

We continue to enjoy playing in the Home Corner and have been busy this week mark-making shopping lists to ensure that our role-play fridge and cupboards are well-stocked!

Next week, we look forward to singing number songs and continuing to recognise our numbers, along with using bubble paint to create a bath for Smelly Louie.


The children have been talking about their trip to Garson’s Farm and recording their ideas in their news book. They have also had fun looking in a pumpkin and finding lots of seeds and making delicious autumn soup with the pumpkin and vegetables we bought.

They enjoyed a sound hunt in the classroom, where they found lots of pictures beginning with s and a. They had to tell Mrs Ferrey what their picture began with and place it underneath the correct letter on the board. They have also been practising how to write the number 6 using rainbow letters. They have been matching lots of different objects to the correct number to help them to understand what a number means.

To help the children remember the class rules, we have introduced a new behaviour chart in the classroom. This will be run in conjunction with a large marble jar and we hope that we will work hard as a class to fill it as soon as possible.


This week in Reception, we have been very busy using our noses. We have smelt lots of different things and thought of great words to describe them. We have learnt about Smartie the Penguin and we have made masks to remind us to make the right choices online. In Maths, we have started to look at adding and number sentences. We know that 4 add 1 equals 5. Well done girls!

Home Learning


How many letters can the children spot in their house? Can they find the letter s, a and the initial letter of their name? Take a picture and upload it on Tapestry.


Find two groups of objects, such as teddies, dolls, etc. and count how many there are altogether.

Dates to Remember

  • Monday 21 October – Founders Day iced buns on the front lawn for all!
  • Tuesday 22 October – School closes at the normal time for the Half Term break
  • Monday 11 November – EYFS/Key stage 1 Phonics Workshop evening

Don’t forget to bring library books back and story sacks so that your children can enjoy a new one.


 Yvonne Ferrey, Head of Early Years