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Nursery & Reception Class News

Nursery and Reception Class Weekly News

Calendar Update

Monday 23 September – EYFS/KS1 Phonics Parent Workshop Postponed until Monday 11 November – 4.00pm-6.00pm.

What we have enjoyed this week

The children have enjoyed being outside in the Autumn sunshine this week. They have undertaken Autumn walks around the school looking for signs of the season and taken a sound walk, recording the sounds they could hear.


The children have collaged giant sized pictures of themselves wearing their school uniform. They cooperated together to complete their piece of art for the large display board. The children have enjoyed reading ‘Peace at Last’ and have been copying the sounds they hear in the story. They enjoyed hunting for numbers in the outside play area and matching the numbers they could find.


The children have been practising their cutting skills by cutting out triangle prickles to stick onto hedgehogs. They also cut out some Autumn leaves for their hedgehog to snuggle up into when they hibernate.

They have worked together to create some class rules to help our classroom become a nice place to learn. They will be displayed on the wall and all the children will make a handprint and write their name next to them. They came up with some good ideas.

The number of the week was ‘two’ and the children had a go at writing it, finding two objects, drawing two objects and finding number two in the classroom. In their phonics lessons they have been concentrating on rhyming words.


The reception girls have been very busy this week. We had our first Religious Studies lesson. We thought about what makes us special. The girls were brilliant at identifying what makes them unique and special and drew some lovely pictures to go alongside this. We have been looking at the book ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ in Literacy to match our topic of senses. The girls have made some brilliant animal noises and were excellent at matching the animal sounds to the animal in a carpet game! We have had a great week and learning has been enjoyed by all!

Home Learning

Nursery and Kindergarten   Go on an Autumn walk to find some conkers, acorns, pine cones, etc. and bring back to Nursery to share with the school.

Try to write your name using sticks in the ground.


Go on a senses walk around your house. What can you hear, see, taste, touch and smell? Be ready to report back to the other girls in the class!

Dates to Remember

Friday 27 September  Macmillan breakfast. Please remember the Nursery will not open until 8.30 am.

Thursday 10 October  Garsons Farm trip for Reception and Kindergarten children (letter to follow)

Friday 18 October  Grandparents Afternoon

Kindergarten Learning that will take place next week
Communication and Language Read ‘Duck in the Truck’.


Making pictures out of shapes.


News writing.


Practice pulling and pushing in the re-telling of the story
Personal Social and emotional Learn about co-operation.
Understanding  the world Record what children experience using their senses.
Expressive arts and design Designing favourite glasses.


Nursery Learning that will take place next week
Communication and Language Use adjectives to describe the materials in feely shape pictures.
Mathematics Shape recognition.


Literacy Read ‘Arlo’s Glasses’.


Mark making in sensory materials
Personal Social and emotional Learning the routines of the classroom.
Understanding the world Record what children experience using their senses.
Expressive arts and design Create a senses display.


Mrs Yvonne Ferrey, Head of Early Years