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Nursery and Reception Class Weekly News

This page is updated each week with any relevant Nursery and Reception School news linked to the Weekly School Newsletter.

Early Years Newsletter – For week beginning 13 January and newsletter edition of Friday 17 January 2020

What we enjoyed this week

The children have enjoyed another very busy week learning about Dinosaurs. In ‘Understanding the World’, the Reception girls shared the facts they learnt with the children from Kindergarten. They then used this information to classify and sort a selection of Dinosaurs. It is so lovely to see how much both classes gain from working with a mix of age groups.

New Families

A huge welcome to Sky P and her family, who has started this week in the Nursery class. We hope all our new children will settle quickly and their families enjoy becoming part of Manor House School.


In Reception this week, we have been looking at a new book ‘Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs’. We have discussed the characters in the story and are getting very good at retelling the story. We have enjoyed role playing the characters during our independent learning time, which helps to embed what we are learning about the story.

In Mathematics, we have been looking at a new type of pattern called a linear pattern. These are patterns that increase or decrease in equal amounts. We have also begun to investigate odd and even numbers. The girls have learnt that odd numbers cannot be shared fairly, but even numbers can. We have also begun to count in two’s. This prepares the girls for learning their two times tables!

In ‘Understanding the World’ we have enjoyed finding out about the diets of Dinosaurs. We recorded our voices to tell the Kindergarten children a fact about our Dinosaurs.


The children were very excited this week when they watched a short film clip of Santa visiting the class and hiding something behind my chair. When they looked they realised that it was a letter thanking them for the letters that they had posted to him last week. They use Chatterpix, a very clever App on the iPad which allows the children to take a photograph and add a moving mouth and a voice over to say thank you to Santa for their individual presents. We hope you will enjoy them on Tapestry in the near future.

Our book of the week is ‘Dinosaur Roar’ and the children have been using the sound pegs to record their own voices roaring, trying to adapt their pitch and volume to match the different Dinosaurs. They have also used the book to think about rhyming and opposites which is a difficult concept for children to understand. In Mathematics, the children have been using the toy Dinosaurs to follow and give instructions using positional language. They are very clever at putting the dinosaur on top of the volcano!

They have been very creative, making their own models of Dinosaurs and spent time painting and collaging a Dinosaur template which will be made into concertina puppets.


It has been another busy and fun filled week in the Nursery! We are continuing our theme of ‘Dinosaurs’ and in Literacy we have worked so hard sequencing pictures from the story of ‘Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs’. We have even written captions underneath using our mark making, focusing on holding our pencil using the tri-pod grip. In Numeracy, we have used dinosaurs to help us with exploring addition and we have used number stamps to stamp our answers. We have used iPads to support our Knowledge and Understanding and we had a great time taking pictures of dinosaurs and using ChatterPix to make them roar using our voices! These pictures will be on Tapestry very soon. We have also made some fantastic dinosaurs using paint and paper plates and trying very hard to learn their tricky names!


Home Learning


Ask your children some questions using positional language at home, such as can you climb onto the top of the slide, stand in front of the bath, behind your brother etc.


The girls have a new home learning book with a task about symmetry. Use the book to record their learning and return to Miss Mackay on Monday.


Many thanks to those parents who have remembered to bring in a water proof coat, which we have needed this week with the stormy wet weather. There are still a few children wearing the wrong water proof trousers. Please ensure that your child trousers do not have straps and are navy. Many thanks as this helps the children to be as independent as possible.

Reception girls

In addition to PE please can children please wear socks/bring socks on Wednesday for swimming.  Thank you.

Many thanks to those parents who have kept the children’s Reading books, library books and sound boxes in their book bags so that we can change them each week. We hope the children are enjoying sharing them with you.

Dates to Remember:   Please check the school newsletter for a comprehensive list and further details

1 February:  Manor House Quiz Night

5 February: Open Morning

6 February: Parent Drop-In – 3.00pm

17 February: Half Term begins 


Many thanks for all your support as usual,


Mrs Ferrey and the Early Years Team

KindergartenLearning that will take place next week


Communication  and Language             Following instructions (Playing Barrier games)
Personal, Social and Emotional


Playing turn taking games (inside and outside)
Physical Development Dinosaur Pencil control sheets and cutting sheets
MathematicsAdding two numbers together


LiteracySequencing the story of ‘Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs’


Understanding the WorldBurns Night – Make shortbread and a Scottish Flag


Expressive Arts and Design Create a large display for Dinoaurs


Nursery Learning that will take place next week


Communication and Language Pupil Voice


Personal, Social and EmotionalWelcoming new children into the group


Physical DevelopmentColour sorting using tweezers


MathematicsCounting Dinosaurs and recording using tally points
LiteracyUse Puppets to act out Dinoaur Roar


Understanding the WorldBurns Night  –  Make shortbread and a Scottish Flag
Expressive Arts and DesignPaper Mache eggs


Mrs Ferrey and the Early Years Team


Pictures from our Christmas festivities (below):-

Manor House School
Open Morning

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