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Talking to our Current Parents

When we ask parents why they chose Manor House School for their daughter, one of the most common reasons they give is that our school was recommended to them by parents who already have a daughter here.

If you do not know anyone with a daughter at Manor House School but would like to talk to a current parent about their and their daughter’s experience of the school, please ask our admissions team.  We would be happy to put you in touch with one of our current families.

What do our families like best about Manor House School?

When asked what they liked best about Manor House School, here are what some of our current families had to say in our recent survey:

“The individualised approach to learning.  Using technology and different learning styles so that all girls achieve their best.”

“The full programme of events and clubs.”

“The way it (Manor House School) embraces each girl’s ambitions and talents, whatever they are.”

“It celebrates the positive in every child.”

“The teachers helped my daughter to find her strengths and have championed those. Her self-confidence and achievements are growing in leaps and bounds.”

“The broad curriculum – swimming, ballet, violin, all included in the school timetable at a young age.”

“Academic support and differentiation. Additional support is given to those who struggle and brighter girls are given extension or different work. The class sizes are small enough to ensure individual support.”

“The ethos around developing good, intelligent and well-rounded girls.”

“The overall atmosphere. Calm, welcoming and friendly. A place where girls can be themselves, there is no pressure to grow up too fast.”