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Gifted and Talented

Gifted & Talented is the umbrella term for the recognition that some pupils have abilities or talents which range well beyond the average for their age group or academic year. Gifted are those who possess a high level of academic ability in one or more subject area, whereas Talented includes those who show an exceptional talent in a particular area. This may be within the school curriculum, but talents such as leadership, creative imagination or highly developed social skills may also be acknowledged. (The Department for Education indicates that around 10% of a school cohort may be identified in such a way, with approximately 7% defined as Gifted, and 3% as Talented).

We identify and support pupils at Manor House School to join our Gifted & Talented Programme and offer a Gifted & Talented curriculum to complement and enrich an individual’s learning experience. Academic Scholars and those identified through baseline testing are invited to join the Gifted & Talented Programme. Pupils who excel in particular subject areas will also be supported and have access to enrichment opportunities through their subject teachers.

In addition to offering an in-house programme with mentoring sessions and workshops at school, our aim is to additionally build relationships with other schools and organisations so that Gifted and Talented girls may benefit from events such as study skills workshops, visits to local businesses or “university experience” days.

Our Gifted and Talented Policy can be found here on our policies page. For more information please contact

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