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Why Choose Manor House School

Our Aims and Ethos


A great school inspires a passion for learning both within and outside the classroom and enables young people to achieve more than they ever thought was possible. The positive ethos of a school is imperative;  at Manor House School, we believe that a supportive yet challenging environment with an extensive enrichment programme, develops a confidence in students to seek new experiences and instils the qualities of courage, kindness and integrity.

Our aim at Manor House School is to develop happy young women who love coming to school and believe in their abilities to learn and succeed yet, when the time is right, are eager to enter the real world to apply the skills and knowledge that they have learned.

We pride ourselves on our ‘individual approach to academic success’ which is brought to life by ensuring that every girl can fulfil her potential in which ever subject areas or activities they lie.

We are a through school. Both boys and girls may attend our nursery but our through school allows girls the opportunity to join us in our Nursery at 2 years old (Reception Class at age 4) and remain at the school until aged 16, prepared and ready to embrace the next chapter of their education.   Girls that join us at later entry points such as Year 3 or Year 7, or mid-year, are quickly welcomed into the Manor House family.  In almost all cases, Manor House girls gain places at their first choice of sixth form destination.

We are a predominantly Christian school but welcome pupils from other denominations.

We offer a range of scholarships at age 11 including Academic, Art, Drama, Music and Sports; every pupil applying for a Year 7 place may apply.

Girls here learn together at their own pace, develop the confidence to take risks, choose any field of study without stereotypical influence, grow in emotional intelligence and show compassion for others while honing life and leadership skills for the future.  But most importantly, develop into happy, confident and successful young women.

Manor House School is a beautiful start for a young girl’s life; I wish my daughter had started her first school steps with you. We feel she has been truly privileged to experience such a school as yours. Each and every teacher has helped shape our daughter’s learning, not only academically but emotionally.

Year 11 Parent.