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Why Girls Only?

Manor House School is a private girls school in Surrey, in both the Prep and Senior sections of the School. It is a member of the GSA (Girls Schools Association) representing Heads of many of the top performing day and boarding schools in the UK independent schools sector. The GSA have an international affiliate membership and are a member of the Independent Schools Council.  The GSA encourages high standards of education, pastoral care and extra-curricular activity for girls and help communicate the benefits of pupils being taught in a girls-only environment.

Girls’ schools celebrate the female perspective, valuing girls’ opinions and allowing girls the time and space to discover who they are and what they are capable of.

There is a wealth of educational research that demonstrates that girls achieve higher examination results in single-sex schools. The annual league tables are dominated at the top end by girls’ schools but it is not only the brightest girls who do better than expected. Examination results analysed by the DCSF show that girls in Girls’ Schools Association schools achieve better results than girls and boys in either co-educational or boys only schools, whether state or independent.

Academic success through external examinations is an important consideration for any parent but self-confidence is the key to turning skills and knowledge into success.

As a girls only School in Surrey, at Manor House School, pupils learn and grow because they are free to express their thoughts and opinions without fear of put down or dismissal. In a co-educational school boys can dominate interaction at the expense of the girls.  We provide a setting where girls hold all the positions of responsibility; all the scientists are girls; all the mathematicians are girls. There is no subject area or activity in which girls do not excel.

As girls mature and develop a natural interest in boys, our school remains a place where learning is paramount. The time from Year 9 to Year 11 (ages 13 to 16) are crucial years for development physically, mentally and emotionally.  Leadership opportunities are given to a wide range of girls with Year 11 girls being elected to our Senior Prefect Team and Year 9 girls leading our annual House Arts event.  Our Supportive Friends Team offer support and guidance to younger pupils; Year 11 girls provide caring role models for our Prep girls.

GSA schools are committed to improving social mobility and provide bursaries and other financial help to support children from less well-off families attending their schools.