‘Romeo and Juliet’ was brilliantly brought to life by Eli from the Guildford Shakespeare Company who engaged our Year 9 girls in our recent English Workshop with her explanations and insight into the play’s characters. By focusing on the dispute between the families and conflict between Juliet and her parents, Eli tapped in to some interesting topics – and the girls had lots to say!

Group acting of micro scenes from different perspectives really helped the girls to understand the dramatic tension between Lord and Lady Capulet and their daughter. This was furthered by whole group discussion. Some outstanding acting skills were displayed by Hannah, Elizabeth and Courtney, to name just a few.

As we now analyse the language of the play in class, the students will have a clear knowledge of key lines and their impact.

Year 9 will complete their study of the play with a performance by the Guildford Shakespeare Company on 22 February 2018.