GillyMac Designs joined Year 7 this week to talk about the opportunities for women to run their own business.

Gilly offered some inspirational guidance to senior girls about a future career in Textiles and advised them in her capacity as a small business owner, on how to go about finding out what you are good at and making it work for you and your family as a business model.

Gilly was always good at Maths and Science at school and achieved a degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, specialising in Telecoms. She started her career in the city and worked internationally as an engineer, project manager, operations manager and business manager between offices in the UK and Paris.

Tired of managing the conflicts of family life with an international high flying career,  Gilly decided to take a break in 2012 and, after enjoying more time with her family, shortly afterwards decided to set up her own business working from home.

GillyMac Designs came about in 2013 (her maiden name was McKenzie and her best friends’ parents used to call her GillyMac).  She started out teaching children and adults before being singled out and approached by Liberty to teach for them.

Since 2014, GillyMac Designs has won twelve National Awards for Patchwork and Quilting.  These days, Gilly only teaches for Liberty in London and in her  own studio at home in Maidenhead. She continues to run her own small business, acting as an inspiration for her two daughters.

Her career change enabled her to give back to the local community, and Gilly supports three local schools with their work experience and Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver awards. She has also set up and continues to chair a charity to support local hockey.

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