To see how one pupil has incorporated the adverbs given and a few extras, into an interesting and engaging narrative with similes, personification and alliteration thrown in for good measure, read on:

1) Often hungry, the ravenous rabbit searched desperately for fresh grass in the mossy meadow.
2) Occasionally stopping to vigorously attack juicy green leaves, the little bunny continued its journey across the field.
3) As the setting sun warmed his brown fur, he sprang from left to right enthusiastically, while deftly avoiding the thorny thistles.
4) Warm, inviting burrows waited persuasively, fortunately only a short way away, to return to after a playful afternoon.
5) Obediently following his familiar routine of making his way towards his warren, he began to make tracks homewards when a long shadow was mysteriously cast across his path.
6) Reluctantly, with fear creeping over him like a heavy, dark cloak, he valiantly spun round to meet his predator…
7) Almost freezing in terror, our fluffy hero courageously followed his intuition and darted away from the fearsome fox.
8) The rabbit deliberately jumped over the ditch, hoping that, since it was now dark, the fox would not see it.
9) The trembling prey watched intently as his hunter predictably plummeted down, her bones creaking mournfully like an old, rickety ship.
10) Momentarily, the tiny fluff ball considered helping its enemy, who was slowly sinking into the mud, or alternatively, he could turn his back and head for the safety of home.