Traditional Christingle Service

On Tuesday 28 November, Lower and Upper Prep girls attended All Saints Church – reached via a gate in our summer garden – for our traditional Christingle service.  Here, Elsie and Charlotte from Year 3 tell us more about the service …

“We were each given a white paper bag. Inside there was an orange with a red ribbon around, a white candle and four cocktail sticks with sweets on them. Reverend Mandy showed us how to make our own Christingle from the various parts given to us.  She told us what each item represented. The orange represents the World; the lit candle is Jesus as the light of the World. The red ribbon represents the blood of Jesus and the four sticks the compass directions and the four seasons. The sweets represent the fruit of the earth.

We really enjoyed making our Christingle and when we got home we lit the candle and were allowed to eat the sweets.