Last Wednesday, Year 8 headed to London to enjoy the delights of the British Museum.  In Classical Civilisation we have been studying festivals to the gods and Greek temple designs.

As we reached central London, the girls were keenly spotting lots of neoclassical buildings with tall majestic columns and triangular pediments.  Once we had dropped off our bags, we divided into groups to explore the Roman and Greek galleries.  The Latin group went upstairs to look at artefacts from Roman Britain and the rest of the empire, including a magnificent gladiator helmet from Pompeii, while the Classical Civilisation group went to view the wonderful array of Greek pots and investigate the myths they told.  We were then lucky enough to meet one of the museum’s experts who gave us a most interesting talk about the Parthenon temple and the ‘Elgin Marbles’.  The girls were able to show off their knowledge and he was very impressed at their eagerness to share what they had learned.  He helped to bring alive all the images carved into the cold hard marble, highlighting the movement of the figures and the expressions on their faces etc.

The trip proved to be a great learning experience and the girls were a real joy.