Written by Annika, Hattie and Asha in Year 5.

Last Friday, Year 5 went to the Science Museum in Winchester. After having a lot of fun at the Planetarium, we investigated all the wonderful science activities and experiments.

Our favourite was the parachute tube which contained air and a fan at the base. The fan was switched on to propel the air upwards through the tube. We put parachutes in at the bottom of the tube, so that they flew to the top and exploded outwards like a whale squirting water through its blowhole.

After lunch, it was time for our ‘Space-themed’ workshop. Firstly, we got into partners and delved into the forces of space, which was fascinating. It turns out that if you put an astronaut (a marshmallow) into a syringe, then put your thumb on the bottom, then finally pull the syringe back and forth, you’ll notice something strange…..the astronaut inflates. This is what happens to proper people in space!

We also got to control an arm with a remote control and had to make a tower with three blocks, however the person controlling it was not allowed to look at what they were doing! You had to listen to the instructions given by your partner.

We had a great trip and it was a lovely way to end a busy week. Thank you to Mrs Redward, Mrs McMillan and Mrs Zaltsman for taking us.