Written by Lianna, Lucy and Isla in Year 4

We got on the minibus to go to Effingham Junction first and after that we travelled to Guildford to go to Portsmouth by train. The train was delayed so we were late getting to the amazing Mary Rose Museum.

It didn’t matter as Team 4D had an awesome look around. It smelt weird when we were in the same room as the actual Mary Rose ship. Finally, after two brilliant workshops, it was lunch! Bizarrely, cheeky pigeons and seagulls joined us and tried to pinch our sandwiches!

In the afternoon, we went up Spinnaker Tower – it was fantastically tall! We danced on the glass floor with socks on but no shoes. Team 4D were asked by Mrs Darlington to spot The Mary Rose Museum, The Isle of Wight and Portsmouth Cathedral from our viewing platform.

It was a very busy trip because it was Scarlett’s first time on a train (she loved it!). Mrs Zaltsman and Mr Hillier decided to have a photography competition to see who could take the best photos of us in action.

So much excitement in one day …… we loved going to Portsmouth and it’s all thanks to wonderful Mrs Darlington!