On Tuesday, Year 3 went on their very first class outing to Fishbourne Roman Palace.  Read their account of their trip below:

“Our first activity was a workshop where we were able to do various activities and using our knowledge of Romans and Celts we were able to find out who they were and what they did.  There was lots of excitement as Rosa was dressed as a Celtic slave and Jessie was a Royal Roman/Celtic woman with Ella as a Roman boy. Then we watched a very informative video on how the amazing mosaics were discovered.

After lunch, we became Romans and Celts and there were quite a few attacks and invasions on the little hill outside.  We had a great play break.

We then went to view the remains of the north wing of the Palace.  Here over twenty mosaics and fragments of mosaics could be seen, inside the modern covered building.

We spent time looking in awe and sketching the beautiful Roman mosaic floor patterns and the intricate and detailed heating system used by them.  Finally, we went into the gardens where we had a group photograph and enjoyed looking at the various herbs and plants used by both the Celts and the Romans.”