Trip to Marwell Zoo

Posted: 6th October 2017

Last Thursday, all of Key Stage 2 went to Marwell Zoo, we were all feeling very excited and couldn’t wait to see the different animals.  Some of us were desperate to see the pygmy hippos, whereas others wanted to see the prowling tigers or the slithering snakes.  We loved it when the monkeys swung from branch to branch, chasing each other. The gazelles were very graceful and the giant anteater was humungous.

Each year group got to do a workshop and many of us got to touch animal skins that were bought into this country illegally.  We learnt lots of things in the workshops and Year 5 discovered a new scientific word, metamorphosis and what it meant.

One of the best bits was going to the snake house, as we got to see a rather large snake.  We also enjoyed the penguins, who were flipping and twirling in front of us and the ostriches and capybara (well, we called them giant guinea pigs) were running wildly.

After the long but fun-filled day of walking around the vast Zoo, we finally were able to rest on the coach journey home.  We could never have had a better day out at Marwell Zoo.

Written by 5R.

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Open Morning

Wednesday 13 March

9.30 am to 12.30 pm

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We hold three whole School Open Mornings every year to showcase our Nursery, Kindergarten, Prep and Senior Schools;

in the Autumn Term in October, in the Spring Term in March and in the Summer Term in May or June.