A happy band of sixty three Year 7 and 8 girls soaked up the sea air during the Swanage trip this year.

Day One activities ranged from team building skills – where the new Year 7 girls got to work with each other on some taxing tasks and activities – while Year 8 grappled with bows and arrows and fire making in their Bushcraft workshop.

The accommodation was carefully arranged and girls new to the school settled in quickly and seamlessly after evening events of the “Mini Olympics” and a bracing beach walk.

Day Two required wet suits and a sense of adventure as all the girls (including the slightly older girls, Mrs Parsons, Mrs Mayes and Mrs Roberts) caught the waves, body boarding. Jumbo paddle boarding, whilst being thrown off by the instructors, was also a challenge that the girls leaped at. The inclement weather meant that it was far better to be IN the sea than out of it, as team leader Mrs Evans and Ms Van Dyke would agree!

The girls enjoyed some yummy packed lunches and evening meals and were certainly exhausted after their day on the beach.

Year 7 managed to catch three whole crabs during our crabbing afternoon off the pier, and enjoyed a quick visit to the souvenir shop in town.

The day of departure saw tranquil seas and azure skies as teams of Year 8s were sent off orienteering around Swanage. The scene was perfectly set by the folk festival taking place there, and the troupes of morris dancers who entertained us all. Meanwhile, Year 7 enjoyed tasting seaweed on their coastal walk (slightly chewy, we hear!) The coach journey back was peaceful with some exhausted but happy faces.

The trip helped certainly the new Year 7 tutor groups bond with each other and to help our new students feel welcomed and part of the Manor House team.