The long summer break is a great opportunity to catch up on all those books you wanted to read but never have the time.  This is also a great time to encourage your daughter to read at least two books before she returns to school in September – it really will benefit her and support her in English lessons by improving her writing skills and vocabulary and it’s a great way to relax – be it whilst reading at home, in the garden or pool-side.

The selection of books being published has never been better so please encourage her to ‘get reading’ and try a new author or a different genre, try fiction and non-fiction.

Click on the relevant year group for reading lists for Year 7Year 8 and Year 9.  Enjoy!

As well as books, don’t forget that reading or browsing a newspaper will help with general knowledge and the issues of the world around your child. First News is an excellent newspaper aimed at young people.

The following websites are recommended and feature news and views about all types of books. So, why not check the websites and see what other people are recommending?  They will also give information about brand new books.