Last week, Year 6 went on their residential trip to France.  They all had an amazing time doing a wide variety of different activities.  The girls did well with the help of our tour guide, Ellie to understand the French language and even asked and answered many questions in French.

Activities included visiting a French market in Boulogne, learning the traditional ways of making bread,  visiting a snail farm, going on a sunny boat ride, and visiting a rural goat farm.  Every day they ate an appetising dinner which obviously included a lot of French bread…

The snail farm was loved by all of the girls, where they enjoyed holding the snails and putting them on their faces as a beauty treatment, as well as tasting the delicacies with different flavourings, such as garlic butter, chocolate and cinnamon and feta and tomato.

On the last evening, the girls enjoyed participating in a fabulous, ‘MHS Talent Show,’ where a variety of acts were performed from gym displays, to singing, comedy and drama monologues.

They all experienced an exhilarating trip and came back with many unforgettable experiences.  #UnforgettableExperiences

Written by the Year 6 girls.