Pupils from Reception to Year 6 enjoyed an excellent session learning what it is like to be an author when Richard Dikstra visited recently and talked about his passion for tigers.  His books ‘Tigeropolis – Beyond the Deep Forest’ and Tigeropolis  – The Grand Opening’ are both fiction but are based on the life of tigers and conservation of their habitats.  Factual information is interwoven with the story using illustrations and humorous text.

During Book Week, pupils loved hearing all about the tigers and seeing Richard’s photographs. They wanted to know more about their size, if they were scary, where they lived and their young.  They also asked Richard about the writing of his books and how long it took. He explained he never got it right first time and that you have to learn that as it is never perfect, it is returned by an editor a few times before it is ready for publication. Constructive advice!

Richard’s passion for Indian tigers was amazing as is how he has turned his passion into writing humorous story books for children whilst communicating the plight of the tigers.