On Tuesday 21 February, Year 6 took a trip to Chertsey Museum.  It was an extremely interesting experience for us all.  As we arrived, the lady called Heidi (who was dressed as an ARP warden) got us into the WWII spirit by treating us as evacuees.  She told us why we were there and that, once entering the classroom, we were to make name labels for ourselves.  She then talked about and showed us some original gas masks before we made our own replicas.  This was phenomenal.  It was really interesting learning about the different gas masks for different ages of children.

The rest of the day was spent doing a variety of WWII activities, such as: a drama role play, a WWII trail of the museum, drawing wartime artefacts, looking at bombs dropped in and around the Chertsey area and best of all, creating a Blitz experience of bombs dropping. We had to shelter under tables pretending to be in a Morrison shelter as 3 ARP wardens banged on the top of the table pretending to be bombs landing. It was frightening.

“My favourite activity was the drama; we were able to express ourselves on our chosen topic, such as evacuees.”  Ella.

“I had a great time learning about the different bombs and looking at all the bombs around Chertsey…I didn’t realise it was bombed so much!”  Mila.

“I really enjoyed it when we had to answer questions about the posters during the WWII trail.”  Emma.

“I loved learning about all the equipment an ARP warden had to have and other artefacts used during the wartime.”  Matilda.

Report written by Form 6R.