Where do you go to learn about the energy transfers involved in big rides, how magnetism is used during braking and how circular motion is used to increase the G forces on your body?

Thorpe Park, built in the 1970s, is home to 27 different rides including 7 roller coasters.  Year 9 visited Thorpe Park on Friday 10th June to attend ‘The Science of Roller Coasters’ workshop session, held in the Thrills Workshop. The workshop is Thorpe Park’s flagship science workshop and explores the key principles of Physics and Mathematics within the exhilarating backdrop of the resort’s roller coasters and attractions.

The girls learnt the crucial considerations of acceleration, and how Newton’s Laws and Forces are applied when designing and maintaining giant engineering marvels such as Stealth and the SWARM, especially with regards to the safety of the public.

They learnt about energy conservation within roller coasters, the magnetic breaking systems and how circular motion delivers G-forces to the roller coaster riders. They were then lucky enough to be given plenty of time to discover these forces of nature and engineering first hand, as they rode the park’s most intimidating rides.

This was also a great opportunity for the girls to unwind after a tough final examinations week.