Manor House School in Surrey has become one of the first in the country to undergo the new ISI Compliance Inspection – passing it with flying colours.

The new ISI report covers all aspects of the school’s provision including safeguarding, curriculum and health and safety.

ISI inspectors said Manor House School’s teaching “enables pupils to make good progress, encompasses effective behaviour management and is supported by suitable resources.

“Principles and values are actively promoted. This facilitates the personal development of pupils as responsible, tolerant, law-abiding citizens. Good behaviour is promoted.”

The leadership and management “demonstrate good skills and knowledge and fulfil their responsibilities effectively”, ensuring that standards were met consistently.

They “actively promote the well-being of the pupils,” said the inspectors.

Manor House Headteacher Zara Axton said: “During an inspection, the ISI gives parents the opportunity to contribute their views on the school and their daughter’s education via a confidential web-based questionnaire.

“The results of this questionnaire are shared with the school as part of the feedback once the inspection is complete.

“Although it is not mentioned specifically in the report, the responses were highly positive with 100 per cent of respondents saying they felt their daughter was safe at our school and 100 per cent saying they felt their daughter was well looked after.”

The ISI report coincides with another award for Manor House School’s Holroyd Howe in-school catering team.

Holroyd Howe is audited externally by the European Safety Bureau. Units which gain a mark of 95 per cent or higher are awarded a certificate of excellence.

Two years ago Manor House’s catering team won the highest audit score in Holroyd Howe. Now, to date, it is top again with a score of 98.4 per cent.

Chef Manager, Deborah Ashby said: “I am so proud of my team at Manor House School as we take great pride in our work and hold this result as a measure of our commitment to excellence.”

Recently the catering team ran an ‘Around the World’ theme week at Manor House to encourage pupils to try new foods and different flavours.

Each day was themed around a different food for the pupils to try – including Spanish, Italian, Indian and Moroccan cuisine. Menus were written in the corresponding modern foreign language.

Manor House School in Bookham near Leatherhead offers highly individualised learning and outstanding pastoral care for 2-16-year-old girls in a smaller school setting. The school will hold its next open morning on October 1 2016.  Families are welcome.

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