On Tuesday 17th May, Prep 2 girls visited the Florence Nightingale Museum in South Bank, central London. The museum is located on the site of St. Thomas’s Hospital where the Florence Nightingale Nursing School used to be. The Museum celebrates the life and work of the world’s most famous nurse and offers a wide range of learning opportunities for children of all ages to enjoy.

As part of their Humanities topic, the girls have been learning about significant women in history, including Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole, Edith Cavell, Emily Davison and Rosa Parks.

The girls were greeted by an actress playing the role of Florence Nightingale who told them her life story. They were able to try on costumes and look at real artefacts – even the famous lamp that “the lady with the lamp” used.

The museum is a historic celebration of the foundations of nursing and hospitals in our country and contains fascinatingly diverse material to absorb alongside the notable social history.

As ever, pupils were impeccably well behaved and enjoyed a picnic and play in the local park afterwards.