Here is a review of the Onatti German play by Jennifer G in Year 9:

On Thursday 12th May, a group of Manor House pupils studying German in Years 8 and 9 journeyed to Reed’s School in Cobham to enjoy a riveting production by the Onatti Theatre Company of  “Zwillinge” (Twins).  We were joined at the venue by more language loving students from Epsom College.

‘Zwillinge’ is a play with a humorous plot about a girl named Annika who is preparing for a drama practical exam the following day. She and a friend named Lukas are rehearsing a play she wrote called “Walls”. However, what she does not know is that Lukas has a twin brother named Dominik with a personality completely opposite to his twin brother. This sets the stage for many amusing interactions between the characters. The play cleverly incorporates audience participation and, despite my initial reluctance on the matter, I was one of those people invited to go on stage and briefly become part of the action, which turned out to be not so daunting after all. In conclusion, the production of  “Zwillinge” was an enjoyable and educational way to spend an afternoon, and on behalf of the pupils, I would like to thank Onatti Productions for creating this unique and exciting language learning opportunity. Of course, a special mention goes to our superb teachers at Manor House School and Reed’s for organising this fantastic event. My peers and I learned many new German vocabulary words and expressions.

‘Die Zwillinge’ ist ein sehr interesantes und lustiges Theaterstück.

Jennifer (Year 9).